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Bra Slips

Bra Slips are an all-in-one bra and slip garment with a large range of variety in size, shape, length and strap type. Bra Slips insure support and coverage without many bothersome layers that were previously worn to complete a woman's outfit. Bra Slips are a lighter, cooler, less bulky option.


The bra portion of the garment is carefully and beautifully constructed. Bra slips offer a variety of strap styles to accomodate just about any outfit and neckline. Straps can be attached, convertible/strapless, rigid, flexible, fixed and adjustable. Even available in an adhesive style featuring a low, open back, Bra Slips can accomodate backless styles as well.


The skirt of the Bra Slip comes in as many different styles as the straps: short and slimming, long and neat, knee length, full length for formal wear and fuller for skirt dresses.


For added shape and control, Bra Slips have built-in shaping, ranging from light to heavy. This eliminates the need for a girdle and extra layers.


While most Bra Slips come in a nylon/spandex fabric, cotton, silk and heavier blend fabrics are also commonly used. Like bras, these garments may be outfitted with hook and eye closures or corset-like boning.


Bra Slips are not new on the fashion scene. The garment was popularized in the 1950's. These popular, elegant pieces were often more structured and lined, while also edged in lace or even mink.


A Bra Slip's vintage look is timeless and beautiful, while also being highly functional for day-to-day living.


*A special thanks to The Housing Forum for history and background information on the Bra Slip.